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January 1, 2012
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GC APP: Dyanna Raltos by LizzieDoll GC APP: Dyanna Raltos by LizzieDoll
Edit:So.... Dyanna got a complete overhaul, since I just hated her previous design after a while... and I'm happy with her new look c:
Her personality and story will be updated soon, when I'm not so tired LOL

This is my app for :icongrimm-chronicles:

I should have applied the first time LOL but I didn't think I'd have time. But after seeing all the apps and getting my own ideas for stories I was like fffff want to make an app D:
Thankfully there's a second opening at the moment so... yay :dummy:
Please ignore the fail wolf.

Info time c:

so.....Info and app business:
:bulletpurple:Name: Dyanna Raltos (Die-an-ah), called Dy by her close friends.
:bulletpurple:Title: Huntress. She begins hunting at a young age. After she meets Kieran (The Wolf), and begins travelling, her hunting skills improve vastly.
:bulletpurple:Gender: Female
:bulletpurple:Race: Human, though can communicate with wolves.
:bulletpurple:D.O.B: 15th October.
:bulletpurple:Age: 19
:bulletpurple:Country: Auros. A vast area mainly covered in thick forests. Very few large settlements, it's usually small villages which are dotted around the landscape.

:bulletpurple:Job: Until her grandmother dies, she works in the shop they run together and hunt every other day for food for them both. Once her grandmother passes, she takes it upon herself to search for a cure for Kieran on their travels.

1) Excellent tracking skills. Since her grandmother was extremely particular about the kind of meat she eats, she made sure that Dy was able to track each different animal living in the woods surrounding their village.
2) Lethal with a bow and arrow. While she originally used stones and knives, she disliked this method of hunting. She asked the blacksmith to help her make a small bow she could use and practiced every day with it until she could hunt properly while using it. Using it from a young age has made her a expert archer.
3) Affinity with wolves. Sort of adding my own little bit here. After Dyanna and Kieran make love for the first time, she is granted an affinity with wolves. The don't attack her, or run from her and she can communicate with them.

:bulletpurple:Original Story: Red Riding Hood [link] [link]

-Dyanna spent most of her life under the strict regime of her Grandmother so she's fairly withdrawn. She never quite submitted however as the time she spent in the woods alone gave her some freedom.
-Although she hunts the creatures that dwell there, she always had a respect for nature that her grandmother lacked. This part of her life became the most important to her so her hunting trips became longer as she grew older and allowed her to escape her grandmother.
-She is fascinated with life outside the village and anything foreign or exotic. This is what originally attracts her to Kieran when he begins to visit her home.
-She has a dry humour, and can be a little sarcastic, mostly resulting from her relationship at home.
-She can be a little spiteful and petty at times, although this is mainly directed at her grandmother.
-She has a few friends in the village although many of the girls ridicule her for refusing to marry. She has had a few relationships among her peers but they eventually ended, albeit amicably. This has earned her a reputation for being stuck up but the truth is she hates the idea of being confined to life in the village.

:bulletpurple:Story: Dyanna was born in a the Zvar village whose closest neighbour is the village of Simarg where her grandmother lives. She used to travel between them regularly to visit the old woman. While happy to see her Grandmother, she used to be a little afraid of her as she was prone to mood swings and could be grumpy and take it out on Dyanna. On one such trip, her home village was attacked and the residents killed. Word was sent before she returned home and her grandmother refused to let her leave.
She was raised in Simarg from then and was taught to hunt by her grandmother, who then left this job to her granddaughter. She was never afraid of Dyanna running away as any other village was too far.
Dyanna grew into a young woman and although she tried to have relationships with several men in the village, her underlying fear of having to stay in the village for the rest of her life always came between them. Her grandmother was older at this stage but still manages to have a great deal of control over Dyanna's life. She escaped into the woods as often as she could, despite the dangers.
Travellers sometimes passed through the village and one day a young man called Kieran came to stay for a few days. Dyanna was fascinated by him and was always at the shop when he came to visit. Despite this, Kieran left the village inn some days later.
Not long after this, the village was plagued by a series of attacks by wolves. Livestock was killed and the villagers terrified to leave their homes. Dyanna defied her grandmother and left to hunt, unable to stay in the house with her. As she tracked her prey, she was set upon by a pack of wolves. Rather than attacking her, they surrounded her, herding her towards a dark part of the woods where a tiny wooden cabin lay in a clearing. A large wolf appeared and chased the others away before leading Dyanna inside. There he changed back into a human, revealing himself to be Kieran.
She stayed with him for almost two weeks, afraid of him at first but excited and thrilled by how different he was from her old life. They make love, which grants her an affinity with wolves although she doesn't know it yet. Eventually she tells Kieran that she has to go back and explain to her grandmother. Although reluctant, Kieran leads her back to the village, promising to wait for her.
When Dyanna arrives home however, her grandmother has snapped and locks her in the house, beating her and telling her she will never leave again.
Kieran, worried that she is taking so long goes to find her, and is driven mad with rage when he sees Dyanna being kept, bruised and hungry in her room. He attacks Dyanna's grandmother, killing her and tearing her apart. He almost attacks Dyanna as well, when she approaches him but manages to curb his rage before fleeing into the woods. Dyanna follows him, refusing to leave him but he is adamant that their contact be minimal as he is afraid of hurting her. Stubbornly, Dyanna vows to fund a cure for his werewolf-ism (or lycanthropy) and leaves Simarg for the Woods of Moctierna.

:bulletpurple:Familiar: Since Kieran refuses to be near her around the time of the full moon, as his animal nature becomes incredibly vicious and less human, he sends one of his wolves to accompany Dyanna as she travels. Her newly found ability to communicate with wolves allows her to understand and speak to him. She names him Faolan, which means little wolf as he is considered the runt of the pack. He is smart and quickly grows close to Dyanna, only leaving her side when Kieran wishes to spend time with her. He helps her hunt and keeps watch at night while she sleeps.

:bulletpurple:Other costumes: She keeps fresh leggings with her, which Faolan carries on a small pack on his back. She rarely changes out of the top her grandmother made her, only to wash it. Her trademark red cloak is always with her, and she keeps it well repaired.

:bulletpurple:Misc: Although she is fascinated by Kieran and aware that he despises his animalistic side, she is also elated to be free from her old life. She wants to find a cure for Kieran, but the adventure and excitement plays a large part in her willingness to go to such lengths for him.

Some creative license was taken with the werewolf myth LOL. Kieran can change into a wolf anytime he wants but the moon warps his mind and he cannot distinguish between his two sides. He is extremely vicious and violent at this time. This is sort of a play on the "moon madness" thing.

Dyanna, Kieran, Faolan and this version of the story (c) *LizzieDoll
Little Red Riding Hood (c) The Brothers Grimm and someone else whos name escapes me.
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AmuletStar Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Her design is epic!! The bow looks awesome, and her cloak too~ ^^
LizzieDoll Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! <3
AmuletStar Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome! ^^
lorellashray Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Student General Artist
fhdjsd sorry if i'm repreating myself but DAYUM GURLL she looks gorgeous!! <3<3<3
you know i loved the old design but omg this one is just amazing. she looks strong and independent but feminine at the same time and just HFjhdksfhd love it!!
also is that no lines i see!? if there are lines they blend in amazingly well!! OvO it looks so polished and clean, if it's a new thing keep it up woman omg <3
LizzieDoll Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hajhakjdghj THANK YOU tWIN <3
Yeah see I did kind of like it... but I dunno it just didn't seem right when I went back to look at it. Least of all that she can't hunt in a dress LMAO
and I hated her hair and trying to draw the cape the way I had it layered in the other one.. this is just easier c:
B'aww you're too kind >w<

And pff no unfortunately I'm no where near good enough to do a lineless picture yet xD
They're just coloured to match their respective areas c:
It is a new thing! HJKAHFKJ thank you hrnn, coming from you omg
Master of Colour is my tWIN like seriously hajkfakjfshakj <333
S2Teennovelist Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
Oh my god where did you get that border! that is AWESOME! she's a sick character too! i love it!
also don't forget to check out my journal with information on my Yugioh contest ;)
LizzieDoll Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL it was part of the group app, so I didn't make it unfortunately xD
That's the group there if you're interested [link]
Thank you!
And lol I'll have a look c:
S2Teennovelist Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
Cool! I'll check it out its really amazing!
YAY thank you! I'd love to see a submission from you cause i love your yugioh pictures!
Krisseh-poo Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013
Her revamp design really is such an improvement! I love the new outfit and skldgjskldg
LizzieDoll Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hsjdkg thank you Krissyyy <3
I'm just... so happy with the difference LOL
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